Kema Odgen

  •  President / Co-Founder

Kema Ogden has been a resident of Las Vegas for over 30 years and resides in Henderson with her husband of 10 years, Jonathan Ogden, and two children. She attended UNLV and graduated with a degree in Business Marketing .

With over 10 years of marketing experience, she has managed the marketing operations for several different resorts including: Ramada Vacation Suites, Fairfield Communities and Marriott Grand Chateau/Diamond Resorts Polo Towers. While in Marriott Grand Chateau, she helped grow the firm into one of the largest timeshare marketing organizations in the area.

Health and wellness was always passion of Kema’s, so in 2007 she decided to open up LA Boxing in Henderson, which later merged and rebranded to the UFC Gym in 2014. Kema wanted to keep the health, wellness and education juices flowing and created a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization called The Ogden Foundation. Along with her husband, Jonathan Ogden, The Ogden Foundation was created shortly after opening the gym in 2007, where she is the President and Program Director.

The Ogden Foundation works with homeless and at-risk children in the Vegas community. The mission of The Ogden Foundation is to promote a healthy body and healthy mind for homeless and at-risk children by providing them with weekly after school enrichment programs.

They have adopted two title 1 schools (with plans to adopt more in the future) in Henderson. The kids within these schools have and get to become part of C.A.A.M.P. Ogden Club, where they receive mentoring through our literacy program and book club, as well as athletic programs with health professionals and professional athletes.

With the foundations programs, she has been able to increase the literacy and comprehension levels with the at-risk children within the program by providing these after school activities. She has also, by using comprehension techniques, been able to increase the levels of math in these students, as well.

Kema has created an annual summer program held at the UFC gym in Henderson which helps homeless and disadvantaged children in the Henderson/Las Vegas, NV area. Within the program, these children are able to work with professional athletes/trainers within the gym, as well as be a part of health/wellness/nutrition workshops once a week. They’re provided with a healthy lunch and drink after their workshops.

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