Wendy Fortunato

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Wendy Fortunato is a retired Retail Executive who is committed to helping improve the lives of others and bringing joy to those who need it. Her 20-year remarkable career with American Eagle Outfitters in Pittsburgh, PA has given Wendy astute business insight and cross-functional strengths within planning, marketing, project management and client focus. For the past 10 years Wendy has been involved in the nonprofit sector of Las Vegas, most recently serving as VP and Board Member for the Green Valley Chapter of National Charity League. When Wendy is not busy serving and advising Philanthropies, or organizing a local fundraising Event, she can be found hiking, enjoying live music, vintage shopping, gardening, and cooking. Wendy is married to Darren, and has 2 daughters, Nina and Mia. Wendy is guided by her personal and business philosophy; “get the most out of everything you do”. Wendy’s passions include bringing people together, helping them find hope and happiness, and celebrating life through friendship, charity, and learning. And lots of music never hurts.

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