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    01 May

    F.I.T. For A Fighting Chance

    • $12,000 /$25,000
    • Henderson, NV

    What is F.I.T. For A Fighting Chance? Fitness Involved Therapy or simply called FIT is a fitness treatment therapy that uses progressive exercise programs, which is a powerful adjunct to medical treatment. Some supportive measures will be used to assist with the symptoms of anxiety, mood problems, depression, ADHD, anger management, PTSD and focus, using

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  • DSC_0006

    C.A.A.M.P. Ogden Club

    • $12,000 /$45,000
    • Henderson, NV

    CAAMP Ogden Club is a weekly after school program provided to title-1 schools in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV area. CAAMP Ogden Club has been offered in Jim Thorpe Elementary and currently in Robert Taylor Elementary and West Preparatory Academy. The After School Enrichment Program includes activities such as academic and athletic mentoring, health/wellness

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  • CAAMP Kids Class

    CAAMP Kids Care Club

    • $22,000 /$45,000
    • Henderson, NV

    Young people today navigate many different communities, large and small, each with its own influences and pressures. Children and teenagers have the potential to be powerful activists with valuable first-hand perspectives, fresh ideas, and an understanding of the mentality of their peers. The Ogden Foundation encourages students to become active participants in society, learn c

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